All-New All-Electric RZ


The first dedicated Lexus Battery Electric Vehicle built from the ground up under the 'Lexus Driving Signature' philosophy. The All-New All-Electric Lexus RZ 450e sets a new benchmark in terms of design and engineering, bringing the driver a carefully crafted and intimate connection with their vehicle, characterised by confidence, control and comfort.

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RZ adopts the 3rd Generation Lexus Safety System+ that successfully launched the NX. In addition the RZ wil incorporate two new features:

Proactive Driving Assist with Steering Assist uses front camera to foresee oncoming bends where it will determine the angle and adjust the steering in accordance with the approaching bend and making a turn.

New Driver Monitor which checks for signs of fatigue or distraction displayed by the driver.


A Lexus-first-all-wheel drive force system, works according to the ground contact load of the vehicle regardless of road surface and driving conditions. Direct4, alongwith a newly developed high-output eAxle motor, continuously control the drive force of all four wheels to ahcieve an exhilarating driving experience.


Charging your RZ is simple and there are a number of options:

  • Using a 7kW wall box, a full charge is estimated in approximately 10 hours 15 minutes*.
  • DC rapid charger at 150kW it is estimated to reach 80% capacity in approximately 25 minutes*.

Lexus All-New-Electric RZ
The All-New-Electric RZ.


​​The world's first In-ei illumination changes the shade of lighting projected on to the door trim ornament when the doors are opened and closed, adding new flair to the interior space.

Lexus All-New-Electric RZ
Interior of the All-New-Electric RZ.
Lexus All-New-Electric RZ
One Motion Grip steer-by-wire system in the All-New-Electric RZ.


Available on Takumi grade, RZ adopts the Tazuna Cockpit, inspired by the Japanese definition: ​small adjustments of the reins a rider uses to control the horse. 

Introducing a One Motion Grip^ steer-by-wire system that reduces hand-over-hand turns and blocks out unnecessary vibrations, improving manoeuvrability and performance.

*Charge times are for comparison purposes, may not reflect real life results and will be longer in colder weather. See Zap Map for 150kW+ charger locations (not yet available in Northern Ireland).​
^Available as an option on Takumi grade from April 2023 production

    RZ PREMIUM PACK Price from £64,500.00

    - Lexus Safety System+
    - Electronic Climate Control, 2-Zone
    - 14" Touchscreen Display
    - Lexus Link Pro
    - 18" Alloy Wheels, Machined Finish, 235/60
    RZ PREMIUM PLUS PACK Price from £68,500.00

    - Driving Position Memory for 3 Users (seat, steering wheel & door mirrors)
    - Radiation Heater, Front Seats
    - Ventilated Front Seats
    - Digital Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)
    - Head-Up Display
    RZ PREMIUM PLUS BACK BI-TONE Price from £69,600.00

    - Driving Position Memory for 3 Users (seat, steering wheel & door mirrors)
    - Tailagte, Electric Lift & Close
    - Ventilated Front Seats
    - Digital Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)
    - Head-Up Display
    - 20" Alloy Wheels, Machined Finish, 235/50
    RZ TAKUMI Price from £74,000.00

    - Front Performance Damper
    - Parking Assist
    - Rear Performance Damper
    - Multi-Colour Ambient Lighting
    - Panoramic Glass Sunroof, Dimmable
    - 13-Speaker Mark Levinson® Premium Surround Sound System