Pay monthly for servicing

Paying your service fees over smaller monthly instalments gives you the freedom to save on high upfront costs. You can pay monthly for just your servicing, servicing and maintenance or servicing, maintenance and tyres. This option is available for vehicles that are less than 12 months old and have covered less than 10,000 miles. ​

Fixed cost maintenance examples

The following table shows examples of how much service options cost for each model*

Caddy CargoTransporter 6.1CrafterCaravelle 6.1
Example derivativeCommerce 2.0TDi 102PS 6-speed manual T28 panel van Startline SWB 2.0TDI
110PS 5-speed manual
CR30 panel van Startline MWB 2.0TDi
102PS FWD 6-speed manual
Executive SWB 2.0TDi 150PS 7-speed
£22.24 £15.27 £10.11 £21.54
Service and maintenance
£41.94 £32.72 £31.74 £36.87
Service, maintenance and tyres
£66.19 £48.79 £45.61 £56.77

What's included

Find the right deal for you and see what's included in each service option.​

​Service only

​Service and maintenance​Service, maintenance and tyres
​All routine servicing appropriate to your vehicle as determined by the vehicle manufacturer

​Engine oils and fluids only

​Brake fluid change when appropriate, as determined by the vehicle manufacturer

​Brake repairs (including: callipers, cylinders, discs, pads)

​Cooling system repairs (including: coolant, heater components, hoses, radiator, reservoir, sender
units, thermostat, water pumps)

​Electrical system (including: alternator, battery, bubs, central locking, ECU, fuses,
 instruments, standard alarm, standard immobiliser, starter motor, window regulator, wiper motor,

​Engine repairs (including: cambelt and tensioner - if required according to manufacturer schedule,
catalyst, drive belts, exhaust, fuel pump, gaskets, injectors, oil pump, seals, turbo)

​Suspension repairs (including: anti-roll bar, bushes, shock absorbers, springs, wishbones)

​Transmission repairs (including: clutch CV joints, flywheel, gaiters, gearbox, differential, driveshafts,
torque converter, wheel bearings, fluid renewals)

​Miscellaneous items (including: adjustments, key batteries, MOT, wiper blades/refills,
air-conditioning service - maximum one per contract)

​Roadside Assistance cover for full period of the fixed-cost maintenance contract

​Replacement tyres (where necessary due to fair wear and tear) and tyre valves

​Tyres changed at one of more than 800 approved outlets across the UK

​Wheel alignment and geometry check (where necessary due to fair wear and tear)

​Wheel balance

​Repairable punctures


Main exclusions

​Find out what is and isn't included in each service plan to ensure you select the right one for you and your business*

Service only plan

  • Maintenance
  • MOT
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cambelts and drive belts
  • Tyre replacement or puncture repair
  • Oil and fluid top-ups between services

Service and maintenance plan

  • Any repairs not deemed reasonable fair wear and tear
  • In-car entertainment (inc. audio, communications and navigation systems)
  • Internal and external trim and bodywork
  • Any maintenance or repairs to diesel particulate filters and any other form of catalytic reduction system
  • Warranty work
  • Tyre replacement or puncture repair​
  • Oil and fluid top-ups between services

Service, maintenance and tyres plan

  • Misuse or vandalism
  • Wheel alignment as a result of damage or negligence
  • Accidental damage and irreparable punctures
  • Replacement of non-standard tyres and upgrades
  • Tyre sealant, repair equipment and tyres that have been repaired using sealant or additives​

*Available on vehicles up to 12 months old, or with a maximum of 10,000 miles on the clock. Prices shown are monthly costs, excluding VAT. Prices shown are based on 36 month, 20,000 miles per annum agreements. Additional parts identified as requiring replacement during the service are not included. Prices correct as of August 2022. Please contact your local Van Centre for updated pricing that applies to your specific vehicle.

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