Save money by going electric

Saving money and reducing costs is always a priority for business, now more than ever. However, there are now added pressures on the environmental impacts a business is having, with a business fleet being an obvious starting point. Is it possible to tackle these two issues together?


The Plug-in Vehicle grant

Environmental issues are high on the governments agenda so they are offering incentives to drivers a business to promote the switch to an electric vehicle.

The plug-in vehicle grant offers 20% off the price of an electric van up to £8,000. To qualify the vans must have emissions of less than 75g/km with a range of at least 60 miles full electric vehicles or 10 miles for hybrid vehicles.

Workplace Charging Scheme

As a business with sufficient off-street parking, you are able to apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme, in which you could receive up to £350 off installation per charge point, up to 40 charge points.

You are able to apply if you can demonstrate that you are wanting to switch to a fully electric fleet, whilst the charge points need to be installed by an Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) approved installer. You can apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme here.


Electric vehicles are a lot easier to maintain as they all use the same three components, a battery, a motor and a converter, this is compared to the hundreds of parts found in a more traditional internal combustion engine.

With less components to identify, investigate issues and source, servicing becomes a lot easier and cheaper. Batteries also have long lifespan, but they are also covered by very good warranties which gives you protection in the short and medium term.

Any other benefits?

There are other benefits to running an electric fleet, including being completely exempt from the Vehicle Exercise Duty (VED), also known as road tax. You would also be exempt from the Ultra Low Emission Zone charges in London, which could be a saving of up to £27.50 per day for each vehicle, and these kinds of zones are likely to become prevalent in other parts of the country.

Electric vehicles are the future, but they can also save you a significant amount in fleet cost and maintenance. If you would like anymore information or just want a chat electrifying you fleet then get in contact with us today.