The new ID. Buzz

Delivering maximum space, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology, the all-electric ID. Buzz is built on the DNA of the legendary T1 camper van.

Watch the ID. Buzz World Premiere and take a closer look here.

Fast charging, zero emissions

Taking a huge step forward in sustainable commercial driving, the ID. Buzz Cargo is a zero-emissions vehicle with a battery that can be charged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes using a 170kW DC fast-charging system.

Plug & Charge function

Plug & Charge software streamlines the charging process by automatically authenticating your ID. Buzz as soon as you plug it into a quick-charging station. There are no apps, logins, or card payments required*.

Bidirectional charging

Discover the versatility of the ID. Buzz as it allows owners to use the van as an energy storage unit or even as a power source while out and about due to its bidirectional charging capability.

Over-the-air updates

Every member of the ID. family has the capability of over-the-air updates with the ID. Buzz is no exception. Software updates for the infotainment, charging and driver assist systems can all be downloaded without the need for a visit to our service department. 

Assist Systems

thanks to a broad range of driver-assist systems, life with the ID. Buzz is more relaxing. From Park Assist Plus to the latest version of Travel Assist, you can be assured that safety and convenience are at the forefront.

The large Volkswagen logo stands proud on the front, accompanied with LED daytime running lights in both the headlights and front bumper, giving the vehicle a strikingly different appearance whilst embodying Volkswagen's unmistakable DNA.

The ID. Buzz has built upon Volkswagen's innovative MEB platform and boasts up to 3.9m of cargo space, offering vast internal space in a compact body. A low centre of gravity, rear-axle steering, and a tight turning circle make the ID. Buzz is perfect for confined city environments.

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360​° electric mobility

The ID. Buzz is the first Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model to be developed from scratch as an electric vehicle. It will be a fundamental building block in the integrated 360° ecosystems for electric mobility. That's because we can only achieve our goals if we take an integrated approach to act sustainably.

Integrated charging solutions

The ID. Buzz is not just a climate-conscious way to drive, but also more flexible. Now you can charge the ID. Buzz anywhere, whether it be at work, public charging station or even at your own personal charging point. The maximum power for quick charging (DC) is up to 170 kW and it takes around 30 minutes o charge the battery from 5% to 80%. The Plug & Charge functions make charging even easier. The maximum charging power for regular charging (AC) is 11 kW.

Simply use the We Charge service to find available charging stations on the road. 

Powerful electric drive. 

The innovative electric drive in the ID. Buzz makes meeting the needs of everyone possible. The e-motor is accommodated in the rear in a particularly space-saving way and makes towing loads of up to 1,000kg possible without problem. Sustainable, suitable for everyday use, and robust: the electric drive of the ID. Buzz combines climate awareness with individual mobility.

*Currently only possible at selected charging stations.