California 6.1 Beach

California 6.1 Beach

The California 6.1 Beach is the true all-round camper. Compact with plenty of space to relax it is perfect for a family getaway with plenty of room and agile performance on the road.

Giving you the freedom to make anywhere home, the raised bed area has been made extra-large and comes with a folding extensions. Complete with a mini-kitchen and bench seating, this California is the perfect place to cook a meal and relax after a full day of exploring. For all its space it doesn't feel like driving a motorhome. The California 6.1 Beach handles like a passenger car and gives you a raised seating position. Its design means narrow alleys, winding roads and cobbled streets are easy to navigate as well as being able to fit in most car parks thanks to its smartly designed dimensions.

Onboard storage and internet connectivity are available as an option, however, come standard with California Ocean 6.1.

- 8" colour touchscreen with proximity sensor

- Two USB type C ports

- 32GB media storage

- Naturally linguistic and hybrid voice control

- Mobile online services with Volkswagen We Connect, App-Connect and eSIM.

The California 6.1 Beach boasts a powerful TDI engine and an adaptive 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG), giving you complete automatic drive and seamless gear changes. With comfort always in mind the gearbox will even adapt to your driving style.

    California 6.1 Beach Tour - Five seats as standard, with the option to increase to six or seven
    - Manual pop-up hydraulic roof
    - Sliding doors on the passenger and driver's side
    - Passenger vehicle registration
    California 6.1 Beach Camper - Four seats as standard, with the option to increase to five
    - Exclusive fold-out mini-kitchen with a single-ring gas hob
    - Manual pop-up hydraulic roof
    - Pull-out awning
    - Single sliding door on the right hand side
    - Motorhome registration