Vehicle Health Check
Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle health check

Whenever you visit a Renault service centre for maintenance or repairs, our technicians will provide a complimentary Vehicle Health Check. This acts as your safety net against unexpected car troubles.

To help you understand your vehicle's condition, we generate an easy-to-read, color-coded report highlighting potential issues:

  • Red: Urgent attention needed for safety. This often involves safety concerns and/or legal implications.
  • Amber: Upcoming maintenance required. You can authorize the proposed maintenance, benefiting from authentic Renault parts and the expertise of our Renault-trained technicians.
  • Green: Your Renault is performing at its optimum level, with no work needed.

This comprehensive vehicle check includes brakes, tyres, exhaust, suspension, lights, steering, and fluid levels. We offer not only the peace of mind of a well-maintained car but also a clear path to addressing any discovered issues.

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