ALL-NEW ARKANA Introducing


The Arkana sports SUV looks like no other car in its class with its flowing lines and sleek coupé design. Sporty, Arkana also retains its SUV roots with ample interior space and generous boot space. The R.S. line trim with the E-TECH Hybrid powertrain embodies the best of what Arkana has to offer.

Experience a smooth, silent and dynamic drive with a technology that combines the benefits of driving an automatic with the added comfort and responsiveness of an electric car.

The Arkana reinvents the class as a coupé with the space of a saloon. The 513 litre (480 litre on E-TECH hybrid) boot offers generous capacity and is easy to access with its large hatch door. Inside, there’s plenty of space for everyone. At the rear, passengers can enjoy plenty of headroom despite the sloping roofline of Arkana thanks to a clever orientation of the back seats designed to maximise space and comfort


Arkana is the first-ever Renault model to be born hybrid. It has been designed from the ground up as a hybrid model with a development focused on effiency and driving pleasure.

Inspired by Formula 1®, our E-Tech hybrid technology also benefits from our 10-year experience in building electric cars to offer one of the most advanced hybrid technology available. The result is an increased driving pleasure combined with reduced fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions.

Arkana E-Tech hybrid doesn’t need to be plugged in to recharge as its clever system uses recovered energy from braking phases as the main source of power to charge the battery. Day-to-day, it drives like any automatic. The smart E-Tech hybrid system always prioritises pure electric drive to offer the best level of efficiency. It will seamlessly switch between petrol and electric mode to optimise the driving performance and reduce fuel consumption.

Renault Arkana e-tech full hybrid
Interior of the Arkana.
Renault Arkana e-tech full hybrid
The Renault Arkana.
Renault Arkanae-tech full hybrid
Arkana's steering wheel.
Renault Arkana e-tech full hybrid
Inside of the Arkana.
Renault Arkana e-tech full hybrid
The front seats of the Arkana.
Renault Arkana e-tech full hybrid
Centre console in the Arkana.
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