Free2move Lease, more than just a leasing provider. To suit your business needs, we offer a full range of optional services across all our cars and vans.


For complete peace of mind motoring, our Maintenance package can take care of your routine servicing, maintenance, and repairs. So why not include Maintenance in your contract from the outset?

Our Maintenance package offers fixed monthly costs, helping you to avoid large unforeseen fees.

It also comes complete with the following benefits and features, for the duration of your Business Contract Hire agreement:

  • Access easy servicing & MOTs. All routine servicing and MOTs are included.
  • Minimise downtime. A regular Servicing & Maintenance can avoid costly and time-consuming.
  • Benefits from the highest standards at no cost. All wear and tear items are replaced with manufacturer parts, meaning you will get the highest standards at no extra costs. 
  • Use your dedicated Driver Line. A dedicated concierge servicing reminders is accessible via Driver Line.

Our maintenance packages are available up to 5 years in duration, meaning you can benefit from all the advantages above throughout your vehicle agreement. ​


With our Servicing plan, you have the option to have the manufacturer's servicing included within a finance agreement, available for a small additional monthly fee. 

You'll also gain access to the following features and benefits, for the duration of your contract:

  • Fixed payment guaranteed. Prices are fixed at the outset, for the duration of your Business Contract Hire agreement.
  • All routine servicing included. All routine servicing included within the costs of the plan, in line with the recommended schedules. 
  • Servicing reminders & dedicated Driver Line. Our Service plans offer reduced administration and free your business from the on-the-day credit card approvals, thanks to easy access to servicing reminders and a dedicated concierge Driver Line.

Costs for Contract Hire Service Plans are calculated dependent upong the model you choose, the number of miles you plan to cover, and the duration you choose to run the vehicle for.​


With our Tyre Package, you can spread the costs of your tyres across the length of your agreement, meaning your business can rely on predictable costs and inflation-proof pricing.

This package comes complete with the following features and benefits:

  • Convenient monthly payments. Your fixed monthly tyre replacement will be integrated alongside your monthly vehicle lease payment, meaning simple administration.
  • Premium brand tyres. We will fit your vehicles with premium brand tyres, providing you and your drivers safety, security and extra peace of mind.
  • Tyre replacement service. Free2move Lease will replace (1)any tyre as required due to wear and will fix any tyre that has a repairable puncture.
  • Work with reputable professionals. Our tyres are supplied and fitted through selected retailers or national tyre networks (2).

​(1) Replacement for tyres that have a tread depth of 2.0mm or less through wear.
(2) National third-party tyre provider available.


In the case of a glass or windscreen replacement being required, Free2move Lease customers can access cost-effective rates.

Our Glass service is provided by a Free2move Lease appointed third party - Auto Windscreens. Competitive rates are offered and glass can be repaired at a time that suits you. This will mean that your vehicle can be kept in the best condition and safe for you and your drivers.

The team will work with you to make the glass replacement or repair as simple a process as possible and get you quickly back on the road.

Our Glass Service enable you to gain access to the following features and benefits:

  • Maximise efficiency. ​The service will reduce both the work and time involved in managing a glass repair/replacement.
  • Access support 24/7. The service is always available via the dedicated concierge driver line.
  • Keep your drivers safe. For vehicles equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology, a full ADAS calibration service is available, as well as pre- and post-video inspections.
  • Benefits from guaranteed protection. You can rest assured as all glass repairs and replacements performed by Auto Windscreens come with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.
  • Rely on the Glass Service, no matter what. We can manage insured and non-insured claims.
  • Avoid additional costs. Free2move Lease will always consider repair as the first option.


​With our Vehicle Management Service, you outsource the management of your vehicle servicing and maintenance management to us. This will free up time for you to concentrate on other areas of your business and will be particularly useful if there are multiple vehicles/ drivers in your fleet.

With this service, Free2move Lease will actively manage all service and maintenance bookings directly for you. We will proactively deal with your drivers and chase them if bookings are not fulfilled in a timely fashion, and ensure that bookings are made in line with your vehicle service schedules. 

We will also actively manage maintenance work, warranty or recall work from booking through to completion so that you know that your flee is in great shape and help ensure safety for your drivers. A bespoke implementation plan will be put in place with you at the start of your agreements so that we can tailor the service to best suit your needs.

Where your vehicles are fitted with our approved connected box technology (the majority of vehicles we supply) we will use the live anonymous mileage data from your vehicle to provide accurate, informed services. Vehicles without this technology will receive periodic requests for current mileage readings.

Our Vehicle Management Service comes complete with the following features and benefits:

  • All bookings are done on your behalf. Free2move Lease will make all servicing & maintenance bookings for you, so you can free up precious time.
  • Liaison between driver and retailer is made for you. We will liaise between your drivers & retailer, working on the vehicle, managing and coordinating the dialogue.
  • Maintenance status is supplied to you. Free2move Lease will supply regular maintenance status reporting to the chosen contact at the business.
  • Your driver's compliance is checked for you. We will report to the chosen contact at the business if there is any ongoing driver non-compliance.
  • We promise an affordable cost. Only an additional £6 per month per vehicle.

You can easily order the Vehicle Management Service at the point of sale with your Business Contract Hire vehicle order. Fish Brothers Peugeot will be able to advise you if the vehicle you have ordered is connected or not. If you choose to select the Vehicle Management Service, one of our team will call you once the vehicle is delivered. They will discuss the services outlined above and obtain your preferences. This will enable us to set up your Vehicle Management Service in the most suitable way for your business.