Free Škoda pothole check


Some potholes are simply unavoidable – especially at this time of year. There’s also no avoiding the potential hidden damage they cause.

As well as being hard to spot, pothole damage can develop over time – with costly consequences such as axle and suspension failure. Luckily, nothing will escape the expert eyes of our ŠKODA-trained technicians. They’ll perform a FREE extensive safety check in around 30 minutes. And they’ll even send you a video summarising the condition of your car as well as any components that may need attention in the near future.

The check includes:

• Tyre damage

• Wheel damage

• Suspension damage

• ŠKODA Visual Health Check

Watch the video below to find out more about pothole damage – why it’s hard to spot and why it’s important to have it checked!




Skoda Pot Hole Check


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Available from 1st February - 30th April

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