We are still incredibly pleased to announce that Samantha has been promoted to Service Manager at Fish Brothers Peugeot, she has been in the role for a few months now and she is doing a fantastic job. Sam has been in the automotive industry for 17 years, starting as an Apprentice Service Advisor at Baylis Vauxhall, which she finished as Apprentice of the Year!

Sam considers her all-time favourite car to be the Toyota Corolla AE86, which she was lucky enough to own for 8 years but has sadly now sold, however, she is also a fan of the Peugeot e-208 GT. Sam is particularly looking forward to the new challenges that will come with the role of Service Manager and continue to enjoy her interaction with customers and the rest of the team.

In addition to her work at Fish Brothers, Sam has been featured in various car magazines with her own self-built car, as well as being invited to car shows internationally. If you see Sam around the dealership, be sure to ask her about her experiences and make sure to say hello! We are incredibly grateful to have Sam leading the Service team at Fish Brothers Peugeot and look forward to watching her grow and develop the team.

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Here are a few quick facts about Sam:

    Series or Movie? Movie

    Takeaway or Restaurant? Restaurant

    Summer or Winter? Summer

    Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

    Bath or Shower? Shower

    Tea or Coffee? Coffee