Your safety is our priority at Fish Brothers Nissan

Aftersales is permitted to remain open for car repair, servicing and MOT in the UK.

The wellbeing of both our customers and dealership staff remains paramount and stringent measures are in place to ensure enhanced sanitisation and responsible social distancing is practiced. Check the video below to find out how we are keeping everyone safe.

If your last service date was impacted by last year’s lockdown, we recommend that you continue to service your vehicle in accordance with the anniversary of the date of first registration and not 12 months from the date that any delayed service was carried out.

Many of the fluids and serviceable parts in your vehicle can deteriorate with age as well as mileage. This is taken into account when the service schedule is set, with some items due for replacement after a set time period from the first registration date.

It is also recommended that the service due at the end of year 3 is carried out before the warranty period expires, so as to ensure any potential defects are identified and rectified under it. As part of our Customer Promise to you, this 3rd year service also comes with 12 months RAC Roadside Assistance Cover, extending the support you have enjoyed from the RAC and Nissan in the first 3 years of owning your vehicle.