The Nissan Qashqai is a family SUV offering plenty of tech which works well, and is presented at a very fair price. In the Qashqai, there is room for adjustment in the driver’s seat for a variety of different heighted drivers and there is also adjustment in the steering column, which makes it very comfortable to drive. There is plenty of room in the front of the car for a pleasant journey, with large cup holders provided in the Centre console, as well as space in the doors which can also hold water bottles and a variety of other personal belongings securely. The backseats are easy to access and have plenty of space for adults to sit in and enjoy the journey. The interior of the car is solid and practical, with high quality materials which are soft to touch, and the exterior look of this car is stylish and modern, making this car visually pleasing and eye-catching, as well as practical and comfortable. The rear doors on the Nissan Qashqai open to an 85-degree angle which makes it easier to access the rear seats of the car, especially if you have kids as you can lean in without bumping your head while you are strapping them in, which starts your journey off stress free.

The Nissan Qashqai uses its engine to power an electric generator instead of the wheels, which gives the feel of an electric car start up, without having to charge your car. The Qashqai is also quieter at lower revs. The Qashqai is comfortable and has light steering and good visibility, making it easy to drive. The Qashqai has privacy glass in the rear-view mirror making it easier to see while driving. Having a keyless entry saves time if you are struggling to locate your keys in your bag especially if you have kids to try and get into the car whilst holding your things and their things. The flexible luggage board in the boot means that it is easy to store larger objects such as a pram in the boot, while storing things such as shopping under the board. The boot also has a divider with a carpet side or a wipeable side, to change for different uses which could also be handy during bad weather.