New Nissan Qashqai: the original and now even better.

Nothing stands still for long in the highly competitive crossover segment that Nissan pioneered with the original Qashqai. In the three-and-a-bit years since the third generation Qashqai was launched, it has sold more than 350,000 units in Europe and continues to set the standard for crossovers.

To maintain its place as the reference in its segment, it has received a comprehensive aesthetic refresh, as well as significant technology updates.

From bold changes to the exterior styling to the comprehensive updates to the infotainment and connected services on-board, the philosophy behind the changes to the Qashqai is to keep the essence of what consumers love about Qashqai, enhance its strengths and to add even more intuitive and convenient technology.

Exterior updates refresh Qashqai's look

The new Qashqai exudes a sharp and modern dynamism thanks to its refreshed design.

The front grille of the Qashqai has been comprehensively updated to create more striking first impression. Inspired by the pattern of the ancient Japanese armour scales, it now consists of dozens of high gloss black paint which appear to float in the space between the lip of the bonnet and the number plate holder. To the sides of the central proportion, the "commas" form a triangular shape from the new headlights down to a point to the side of the number plate and they are finished in a "satin chrome" hot foil stamp on the top grade version.

At the rear, the shape of the lights remain unchanged but the composition of the lights within the unit has been redesigned. The red lighting elements now consist of four individual elements which echo the shape of the front grille "commas". They appear to float in the lens housing and are now a distinctive shade of red.

Three new colours have been added to the Qashqai's palette. Pearl White is new and features a cleaner, pure tint that appears to give a glow in certain lighting conditions. Pearl Black replaces the previous black option and has a richer black tint and has the effect of sharpening the definition of the Qashqai's visual geometry.

Upgraded interior trim

New patterned materials adorn the centre console around the gear selector and the decoration insert between the upper dashboard and glovebox, underlining the attention to detail which underpins Japanese craftmanship.

Updated seat trims have been introduced across the upper three grades of Qashqai for an even more premium feel. Most notable is the black partially quilted premium leather on the top spec Qashqai.

The ambient lighting can be controlled via the central infotainment screen. 

"The new face of Qashqai has a more technical appearance, with more texture and eye-catching detailing. We were inspired by traditional Japanese battle costumes which combines craftmanship with muscularity. We've worked hard with our colleagues on the front and rear lighting, giving a technical and precise impression and which integrates seamlessly. Inside, the new materials and ambient lighting elevate the on-board experience even further. Overall, we're convinced crossover-buyers will love the results", said Matthew Weaver, Vice President, Nissan Design Europe. 

Upgraded technology

One of the most commonly used features on the Qashqai has been significantly upgraded. Around View Monitor (AVM) is a signature Nissan technology which dates back to 2007.

The upgraded AVM system now features 3D function allowing the driver to see the car not only from above but also select one of the eight different external camera view points to visualise the car from the front, rear, sides or corners to potentially identify any unseen exterior hazards. It works in tandem with Nissan's Moving Object Detection system, which sounds an alert when it perceives a moving object in the proximity of the Qashqai.

"The updated Qashqai has benefitted from a comprehensive series of technological updates. From the next generation of around view monitor, which will prove useful for our customers every day, to the introduction of Google's built-in, which makes the Qashqai part of our customers' digital life seamlessly. At the heart of Nissan's commitment to innovation is an intuitive user-experience and true convenience. The updated Qashqai epitomises those priorities", said David Moss, Senior Vice President, Region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania) Research & Development.

Google built-in

The refreshed Qashqai is the first vehicle in Nissan's European range with the suite of Google built-in, which makes a near seamless interaction between a customer's digital life and their vehicle.

The updated Qashqai is available with Google Maps and, once signed-in, with a personal Google Account drivers can access their favourite locations and points of interest.

Google assistant allows the driver to use their voice for hands-free help on the go. For example, drivers can say "Hey Google" to control the vehicles ventilation system, heated seats and windscreen to navigate to their next destination. Additionally, drivers can make phone calls and listen to audio instructions without taking their eyes off the road.

"The addition of Google built-in to the Qashqai reflects Nissan's spirit of innovation. Integrating this suite of digital technology will allow our customers to have the convenience that they enjoy from their smartphones, integrated into their cars," said Guillaume Pelletreau, Region VP Electrification & Connectivity and new Revenues and Marketing & Sales Transformations, Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania) region.

e-POWER: a unique and innovative powertrain.

In keeping with the pioneering spirit that gave birth to the original Qashqai and which invented the crossover segment, e-POWER is the Qashqai and which invented the crossover segment, e-POWER is the unique electrified powertrain that has proved so popular with customers since its launch in 2022.

In the world of engineering, the simplest ideas are often the best. And e-POWER perfectly reflects that principle. The petrol engine generates the electricity which is used to drive the wheels. This is far a simpler solution than the myriad traditional hybrids on-sale today.

A pure electric motor direct drive to the wheels means instant, high torque and linear response. It represents an EV-drive sensation without the need to think of charging - a sort of stepping-stone for customers who aren't yet ready to make the switch to 700% EV yet.

Since its launch on both the Qashqai and X-Trail in September 2022, Nissan has sold over 100,000 e-POWER equipped vehicles in Europe - with customers loving the electric drive feeling.

Refreshed Qashqai

In summary, the challenge for the design, engineering, planning and production functions who have been working on the updated Qashqai with such dedication was how to keep the essence of what customers love about Qashqai, but enhance in areas where we could identify improvements that would make them love Qashqai more - and to add new innovations to cement that love. The updated Qashqai is now in production at Nissan Sunderland Plant, where more than 1.3 million units have been built since the original was launched in 2007. Qashqai is now the most manufactured model at Sunderland Plant, Last summer the plant built its eleven millionth vehicle since production began in 7986. "The breadth of updates which have been introduced to Qashqai were conceived to elevate its eye-catching appeal with the creation of the new N-Design grade. And, across the range, there is also additional convenience with thanks to the new Google built-in features. Qashqai created a segment thanks to its unique combination of design appeal, convenience and user-friendly tech. These updates and our innovative e-POWER electrified powertrain will maintain Nissan's position as the crossover segment creators and innovators," said Arnaud Charpentier, Vice President, Product Strategy, Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania) region.