Pole to Pole Electric Vehicle Expedition.

Pole to Pole is the ultimate electric vehicle expedition and a world-first. Husband and wife explorers, Chris & Julie Ramsey, have successfully driven an all-electric Nissan Ariya from the 1823 Magnetic North Pole on the frozen Arctic Ocean, to the South Pole in Antarctica.

Their 10-month adventure started in March 2023 and they reached the South Pole in December, having driven a +30,000km route through the Americas. They have put their Nissan Ariya through the toughest tests in extreme temperatures, at high altitudes and across long distances and varied terrains, showcasing how exciting and capable electric vehicles are.

Chris and Julie Ramsey are no strangers to electric driving challenges. They’ve been testing the limits of EVs for the past 10 years, becoming the first people to complete the gruelling 17,000km Mongol Rally in an electric vehicle, their own Nissan Leaf.

The Pole to Pole team entrusted Nissan, with our strong record of innovation, to help them take on this EV expedition and chose the advanced Nissan Ariya as a versatile and highly capable expedition vehicle. Retaining the production spec vehicle, particularly the standard battery and powertrain, is essential to the credibility of Pole to Pole but some necessary modifications were made in collaboration with polar mobility experts Arctic Trucks. These include raised suspension and 39-inch snow tyres, that were tested in Iceland’s Arctic-like terrain.

Harnessing nature

Chris and Julie tested innovative portable renewable charging prototypes in the polar regions. They trialled a towable wind turbine in the Arctic and a lightweight solar array in Antarctica, taking advantage of the high winds and 24/7 daylight in these remote and extreme environments.

Control in extreme conditions

The expedition Ariya features Nissan’s advanced electric all-wheel-control technology, e-4ORCE, to enable Chris and Julie to feel confident even when tackling the most challenging landscapes, from ice and snow-covered tracks to desert climbs.

Coffee on the go

As well as the latest tech to keep Chris and Julie comfortable and connected, their custom expedition Ariya has extra features to help along the route, including an integrated espresso machine, weather station and a drone to capture their stunning surroundings.

The EV for everyday adventures

Our all-new, all-electric ARIYA crossover SUV is the ideal partner for any road trip. It’s geared up to carry intrepid drivers in comfort and put them in control with our e-4ORCE technology, that gives the car enhanced stability and traction on every journey.

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*some features of this car were modified and is not available to purchase.