Welcome to Fish Brothers Nissan meets The Nissan Figaro Shop event!

Join us for an unforgettable showcase of automotive excellence as we celebrate the partnership between two esteemed companies. At this event, you'll have the opportunity to:

Witness the unveiling of a bespoke-bilt Nissan Figaro by The Nissan Figaro Shop.
Explore iconic vehicles from Nissan UK, including a classic 1974 240z and a one-of-a-kind 2018 Nissan RE-LEAF natural disaster relief vehicle.
Learn about the long and ongoing parts relationship between Fish Brothers Nissan and the Nissan Figaro Shop that led to this extraordinary collaboration.

        Don't miss your chance to be part of this historic event! Mark your calendars and join us for a weekend filled with automotive innovation, craftsmanship, and excitement.

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        The Nissan Figaro Shop

        We are the world’s leading specialist Nissan Figaro garage and offer an unrivalled range of services for Figaros.

        Whether it’s a bespoke car you’ve always dreamed of, a full restoration or simple service for your existing Figaro, or just a Figaro part – we are here to help and advise you. With over a decade of specialist experience we use our expertise to make your current car or your dream into a stunning reality. Our ethos is to do the best job, without cutting corners, wasting time or money and only using the best parts. “

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        Restored & Remastered by The Figaro Shop

        Here is a small insight into what The Nissan Figaro Shop does in terms of restoring and remastering the Nissan Figaro, but they also build them from scratch, which is what they will be displaying at the event,

        Video courtesy of the Figaro Owners Club - Figaro Owners Club YouTube

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