We have made the switch to Screenwash Pods

We have made the switch to Screenwash Pods

Added: 17 February 2020

At Fish Brothers we continually look for ways to work more sustainably, this can be seen with our recent installation of solar panels on the roofs of all our dealerships, electric charging points for vehicles and now with our move across to P1 Autocare Screenwash Pods.

The implementation of Screenwash pods is a major step in reducing our plastic waste moving forward, continuing our responsibility to the environment and sustainable operations. A1 Auto care have said:

“UK motorists annually consume around 100 million plastic bottles of screen wash, that’s nearly two million plastic bottles per week and an astonishing 285,000 per day, that eventually end up in landfill, being incinerated, or making their way into seas and oceans.”

This obviously represents a considerable volume of plastic being pushed back in to our environment, so we are extremely pleased to be able to make these steps in reducing our plastic waste contribution.

How does it work?

One active pod creates 5 litres of screen wash. Suitable for up to -5 degrees. Just drop one Screenwash Pod into washer fluid reservoir and add up to 5 litres of water.

Other benefits of using Screenwash Pods include savings on delivery packaging on the traditional plastic bottles of Screenwash, as well as the fuel and emissions costs of that delivery. Also, it is a safer and more space friendly option to store within our dealerships.


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