The new Nissan Leaf

The new Nissan Leaf

Added: 02 February 2018

Fun facts about the new Nissan Leaf at a glance:

Did you know;

·         A new Nissan Leaf sold every 12 minutes in Europe.

·         Following the new Leaf’s debut last October, the car has already created unprecedented levels of interest amongst both new and existing electric vehicle drivers. More than 12,000 new Nissan Leaf’s have been ordered, even though it only arrives in showrooms this month! 

·         The new Leaf is much more than just a 100% electric vehicle, it’s a mobile power unit allowing you to manage energy use through home or office solutions. Clever hey!

·         The new e-powertrain in the new Leaf delivers 110kW of power (150HP) and 320Nm of torque. Acceleration has improved to 7.9s from 1 to 100KM/h (62mph), at the top of the c-segments performance.

·         The new Nissan Leaf now allows you to drive 177 WLTP combined cycle miles. 

Enjoying longer journeys.

·         Packed with Intelligent Mobility innovative technology, including ProPILOT driver assistance for a safer, more comfortable drive as well as ProPILOT Park, for a fully autonomous parking at the touch of a button.

·         Even in traffic jams, the new Leaf applies the same technology as outlined above, ProPILOT to automatically manage distance to the car in front of you and apply the brakes to bring the vehicle to a full stop if necessary.

·         The latest version of the Nissan Connect EV Navigation system not only includes Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio but also real-time information on the nearest charge points. Very handy.

·         The new Leaf has a maximum speed of 144km/h / 89mph

·         A Rapid charge from alert to 80% using a 50KW charge point will take 40-60 minutes.  You can charge for FREE at Nissan dealers three times a week.

·         The 7kW home charger is free with every order of the New Nissan Leaf.  You can charge from 0-100% in 7.5 hours.

Come and book your test drive today at Fish Brothers Nissan by visiting or calling 01793 887500. 


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