More Good News for Nissan Electric Vehicle Drivers.

More Good News for Nissan Electric Vehicle Drivers.

Added: 06 February 2018

The Government has announced a £9.8 million investment in a Vehicle to Grid (V2G) charging trial, led by Nissan.

V2G technology allows electric vehicles (EVs) to be fully integrated into the electricity grid. Drivers can connect to the grid to charge at low-demand, cheap tariff periods, with an option to then use the electricity stored in the vehicle’s battery to feed back to the grid which could generate additional revenue for the EV owner.

The project will install 1,000 V2G charging points over the next three years to evaluate a commercial offer to electric vehicle fleet customers.

Nissan will the lead a consortium that includes V2G infrastructure/aggregator provider Nuvve, National Grid, UK Power Networks and Northern Powergrid. The research and analysis activities will be supported by Newcastle University and Imperial College London. 

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