Fish Brothers Honda were proud supports of a World Record Attempt

Added: 13 June 2017

Subject to official confirmation, Fergal McGrath, Honda Researcher and Paul Clifton, Transport Correspondent BBC South  believe they have set a new world record for fuel economy in a petrol powered car.  Using a Honda Jazz supplied by Fish Brothers Honda,they managed 844 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats on just one tank of fuel which is 9 gallons and achieved an astonishing 94mpg.

Paul Clifton says:“ We were certain we would not be able to do this but when we got three quarters of the way, we thought it might just be possible. 
When we got to Inverness the Honda Jazz said 60miles of range left with 124 miles to go!  By the time we got to the last 60 miles the gauge said 0 miles left so from then on every hill, every corner driven on slow throttle, we thought we were going to run out.

Behind us was AA patrol of the year John Snowling ready to rescue us, but somehow running on the last drops of petrol  we made it to John O’ Groats.  1 mile further and we probably couldn’t have done it.

We don’t think anyone has ever come anywhere close to what we managed and the previous world record was set at 70mpg so never in our wildest dreams did we think 94 mpg  was possible on the Honda Jazz.

This shows that the new generation of clear green petrol engines are more than a match for diesel and this fits right in the heart of the current debate on petrol versus diesel engines; driven carefully a petrol car can be just as economical.”