We are now a CUPRA dealer!

We are now a CUPRA dealer!

Added: 14 December 2018

CUPRA was launched by SEAT in February this year, a new sports car brand, with a powerful identity. We are excited to say that we now have a dedicated CUPRA area in our SEAT dealership.

SEAT has always used CUPRA to express sportiness, but now it is an independent brand forging its own path. It is a brand developed on bases of four principles – garage, the sportive street cars with exclusive accessories. Racing, looking after the competition cars, and lifestyle, allowing partnerships and collaborations. The structure is that CUPRA is a part of SEAT, so they can work in collaboration to develop successful new models. In addition, CUPRA will take over the motorsport and racing division, which was previously looked after by SEAT Sport.


The wonderful CUPRA Ateca is already in the dealership.

Evolution of Machine.

Contemporary Sportiness.

A unique Journey.

Performance meets style. A combination of two different worlds. An elegant SUV, but the heart of a sports carThe CUPRA Ateca is a unique SUV. It brings a balance that not may SUVs can claim; with a well-designed mix of precision, sportiness and ease of use for everyday life, it is a premium product that is available to everyone. Elegant, dynamic, a spacious interior, 300HP, 4Drive and a new 7-speed DSG gearbox.

It’s an SUV you need to come down and see!

Come visit our wonderful new CUPRA area and have a look around the CUPRA Ateca 


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