“This is a clever and excellent all-rounder. For the rational stuff, the Yaris Cross scores well – it’s practical, roomy for passengers and luggage and very economical. You can be sure that it’s going to be reliable, and thanks to Toyota’s 10-year warranty support, it’ll be easy to sell. It sounds good and rarely gives away the fact it’s being driven through an E-CVT

“Where the Yaris Cross has the capacity to surprise and delight is in its fourth-generation hybrid drivetrain. Its unstressed 1.5-litre triple is smooth and eager, and mates beautifully with the E-CVT transmission and motor to create an effortless drive that works well in pretty much any situation. For one, the transmission doesn’t leave the engine mooing its disapproval… and you can sense the e-motor is really making a contribution to the car’s mid-range punch.

“Then there’s the handling, which is far better than its jacked-up suspension would lead you to suspect. Turn-in is eager, the steering is fluid in its response and the damping gives the firm suspension a welcome degree of pliancy. Considering it’s been conceived as a family hack, it’s unusually excellent in that regard. And that leaves it looking like a safe and sound choice with hidden depths that should mean lasting happiness in the long run.”

Parkers: 4.1/5 Stars

“The good news is that it has the looks and the hardware to impress. It gets Toyota’s new, fourth generation hybrid powertrain, and should appeal to those looking for an economical and fun-to-drive small family car that offers lots of room and a family-friendly interior. It might be closely related to a big-selling small car, but thanks to the high seating position and roomy cabin, it feels like a car from the market sector above.

It has the looks and the hardware to impress

“It feels quick off the mark and smooth in general driving, with the three-cylinder engine humming away quietly in the background. It’s best suited to town work, although it’s quiet and refined on the motorway. Handling is very good, too, with accurate and well-weighted steering, little body roll and a feeling of precision that’s quite unusual in this market sector. We wouldn’t describe it as sporty, but it’s certainly keen and will keep you entertained on B-roads if you’re cracking on. Despite this emphasis on road holding, the ride quality is actually above average.”

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