Tailored Service Plan
Tailored Service Plan

Tailored Service Plan​

Servicing specifically tailored to your needs.

A Tailored Service Plan at an affordable price

If you are looking for flexible servicing options for your Honda, then the Tailored Service Plan is for you, because in today’s ever-changing world, both time and money really matter.


A visual inspection of your Honda
Just to check the general condition of your car so we can advise you best. Our Honda trained technicians will also ask about your driving habits.

Freedom to choose the length of your plan
Our plans can run for 1-4 years. It is up to you how long you want cover for.

A choice of payment options
Once you’re happy with your plan, choose to pay in a single one-off payment or split the cost over a monthly direct debit.

Flexible servicing over the lifetime of your plan
Taking into account the age, use and condition of your Honda, we can help you select the type of service for you, at an agreed price that is equally fitting. If your car is less than three years old, you’ll want to start your plan with one of our scheduled services. This will ensure you maintain your warranty. Then you can move onto a Honda 12 or a Honda 12+ for the remainder of the plan. If your car is older than three years, you can choose between our comprehensive Honda 12 or Honda 12+ services.

12,500 miles/12 months - SvRS Event - AB

1. Replace engine oil and filter
2. Inspect front and rear brakes (% wear)
3. Check and adjust parking brake
4. Check lights and alignment
5. Check all fluid levels
6. Carry out visual check of:

- tie-rods

- steering & driveshaft boots

- suspension components

- brake hose and lines (including ABS)
- exhaust system

- fuel lines

- vehicle corrosion
7. Check tyre condition 
- pressure & wear (report mm)
8. Check expiration date for TRK
9. Test drive:
- noise
- stability
- dashboard operation
10. Check battery
- record midtronics result
11. Check wipers

25,000 miles/24 months - SvRS Event - AB or AB23 (cvt models) or AB28 (Insight)

Everything from your
1st year service plus:
12. Replace dust and pollen filter
13. Inspect drive belt
14. Replace transmission fluid (cvt models only)
15. Replace air filter element (Insight only)

37,500 miles/36 months - SvRS Event - AB78 or AB478 (diesel models only)

Everything from your
1st year service plus:
12. Replace brake fluid
13. Replace air filter element (not Insight)
14. Replace fuel filter (diesel models only)

HONDA 12 & HONDA 12+

1. Note any body damage
2. Fit car protection kit
3. Check operation of all lights
4. Check operation of horn
5. Check operation of wipers
6. Check operation of windscreen washers
7. Top up washer fluid
8. Drain and refill engine oil
9. Replace engine oil filter and sump washer
10. Inspect brake pipes and fuel lines
11. Inspect exhaust system
12. Inspect front brake pads % wear
13. Inspect rear brake pads/shoes % wear
14. Remove brake drums if required
15. Inspect brake discs
16. Inspect cooling system for leaks
17. Inspect auxiliary drive belts
18. Check antifreeze content
19. Check all fluid levels
20. Check battery condition - Midtronics Tester
21. Inspect tyres and set pressures
22. Report on tyre tread depth (mm)
23. Check front and rear suspension
24. Check wheel bearings
25. Check driveshaft and gaiters
26. Check track rod ends and ball joints
27. Check and adjust handbrake
28. Road test brakes
29. Road test steering
30. Road test suspension
31. Road test engine and transmissions
32. Road test heating system
33. Road test check for abnormal noises
34. Complete safety health check
35. Note any additional work required
36. Inspect underbody for corrosion

HONDA 12+:
All checks above, plus:
37. Replace air filter
38. Replace enhanced cabin filter
39. Replace brake fluid

Flexible Payment Options

You can choose Honda Tailored Service Plan in full or take advantage of our interest-free direct debit option and spread the cost - however is best for you.

Today's prices

With the cost of labour, parts and VAT included in your plan, the Honda Tailored Service is affordable reassurance that should protect you unexpected bills or price increases.


You can rely on us to keep your Honda in the best possible condition because we only allow Honda trained tehcnicians, using Honda Genuine Parts, to work on your car - they know best.

Resale value

You will maintain reliability of your car with a Honda service history - a very attractive feature to potential new buyers should you ever wish to sell your car.

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