Honda e

Launching 2020


100& Emotion, 0% Emissions

Say Hello to the Future. The next-generation of electric cars is coming and sooner than you think.

Introducing the Honda e, this is Honda’s new fully electric car and will be available to reserve this summer.

Honda e Colours 

With the world shouting out about climate change the automotive industry has come on leaps and bounds in its answer. Electric cars have been around for a short while but are rapidly growing in popularity. The new Honda e has been designed to redefine the electric automotive market with its modern-retro look.

Based on the original Honda Civic (released in 1972), the Honda e boasts sporty stance with minimal detailing. The headlights with there LED technology stand out against the piano-black surround. The attention to detail is outstanding. Honda have carefully engineered the Honda e to hide as much as they can without compromising the design. The door handles lay flush against the body work but still accessible. The wing mirrors have been replaced with state-of-the-art video cameras.

The overall look makes the new Honda e the most attractive small, city, electric car. Designed and engineered to silently glide through the city and beyond.


The new Honda e creates a unique, relaxing environment.

Honda’s engineers and designers came together to create a completely flat floor with rear wheel drive layout, which completely opens up the interior of the car. With plenty of storage space and easily accessible charging ports the Honda e has got it all covered.

Honda’s most advanced technology, refined simplicity.

The new complete digital dashboard demonstrates how technology can connect people bring them closer together. Fully compatible with most smartphones, activate controls with your voice the amount of information at the driver’s fingertips is endless.


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Charge wherever you are, whenever you like.


Honda’s e Prototype gives you to recharge the battery whenever and wherever you like. Using a conventional plug socket or the use of a fast charge point dotted around the country the choice is yours. With fast charging points the Honda e can be boosted 80% in 30 minutes.

With over 125 miles per charge and the ability to charge anywhere this new fully electric, city car will surely turn a few heads.


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