New Honda e:Ny1​

The Honda e:Ny1 Elegance

Inclusive of the New Vehicle Payment*

Vehicle Model Motability Advanced Payment (£)Advanced Payment Less New Vehicle Payment (NVO) (£)

e:Ny1 Elegance £499 £0
Honda e:Ny1 Advance £999£249

Need a home chargepoint?

Through the Motability scheme, you can arrange chargepoint installation on your first fully electric car. They will arrange and cover the costs of a home chargepoint and a standard installation, you may have to pay extra if you need a non-standard installation.

Find out more here.

New Vehicle Payment^

What is it?

Currently at £750, it is available once per customer. You can choose to send this directly to your dealer to help towards your Advanced Payment or have this paid in full to you after you get your vehicle. This cannot be used as well as a New Product Payment.

Am I eligible?

You’ll receive this payment when you get your new vehicle if you order your first vehicle before the end of 2024. If you were already on the Scheme before 1 January 2022, you’ll be eligible whenever you get your next vehicle.

When is it paid?

We can send this to your dealer

This is to help towards the cost of your Advance Payment. If your Advance Payment is more than £750 you’ll need to pay the difference to your dealer, but if it’s less than £750 we’ll send you the difference after you get your vehicle.

We will ask if you’d like to do this when you’re placing your order. If you’ve already ordered and would now like to put your New Vehicle Payment towards your Advance Payment.

You can only use the New Vehicle Payment towards the cost of your vehicle's Advance Payment. You cannot use it towards the cost of adaptations or optional extras.

We can send this to you

If you do not ask for your New Vehicle Payment to go to your dealer, you will receive this in full within a few weeks of getting your new vehicle.

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Terms and Conditions

1) * Metallic Paint Options - Motability Customers are entitled to Premium Metallic Paint at no cost to them personally. If a Premium Metallic Car is ordered then HME-UK will pay the retailer the Premium Metallic Paint Support amount detailed on the matrix above. If a customer orders a Premium+ Metallic Paint car, then HME-UK will also pay the retailer the Premium Metallic Paint Support amount detailed on the matrix above but the customer will then have to pay the difference between the Premium Metallic Paint and the Premium+ Metallic paint cost. The Retailer will need to raise a separate invoice directly with the customer and not Motability Operations for this cost. If a customer orders a non chargeable paint option car then the Premium Metallic Paint Support will not be paid to the Retailer.

2) Only those models/grades listed above are available on the Motability scheme this quarter. No other models/grades within Honda's range qualify for this period. If you order a model/grade that is not on this list you will receive no model support payments.

3) This list is only valid for orders placed on Honda systems between 1st April and 30th June 2024.