Extended warranty

Extended warranty

Extend your standard 3 year Dacia warranty to 5 or 7 Years


"Peace of Mind" Extended warranty

What if you could drive your Dacia for years and years, with complete peace of mind? You can now, with the "Peace of Mind" extended warranty!

With this package, any faulty mechanical and electric components on your vehicle are replaced or repaired (including parts and labour), excluding ongoing maintenance costs and those due to normal wear and tear*. All of this for up to six years or 100,000 miles.** That's what we call peace of mind at Dacia.

You will be looked after by Dacia professionals throughout the network, without spending a penny. The contract is linked to the vehicle: if you sell your Dacia before the end of the agreement, the buyer is still covered. A good selling point.

Extended Warranty

Total Retail Price

4 yrs / 60,000*


5 yrs / 60,000*


6 yrs / 60,000*


4 yrs / 100,000*


5 yrs / 100,000*


6 yrs / 100,000*


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