100% electric. Unstoppable impulse.

Introducing the all new CUPRA Born, designed to evoke pure emotion with a challenger spirit. Aerodynamic performance leads the way with the rear bumper echoing the sleek lines and character of the model itself. In harmony with the CUPRA tribe, a welcoming logo illuminates the ground and a glowing sequence comes to life.

The CUPRA Born is a continuation of CUPRA’s outstanding passion for quality and comes with a sophisticated interior. From superior, soft materials to high-quality, recyclable materials, you will only receive the best for your Born.

100& battery-powered, instant acceleration and maximum talk. The CUPRA Born allows you to feel amplified power right from the very start.

Advanced technology is in unison across the CUPRA tribe with the Born at the forefront. Augmented reality head-up display offers an immersive driving experience whilst the Top View Camera provides smooth parking.

Like never before, make your vehicle smarter by activating CONNECT online services through My CUPRA App. Climatise your vehicle and send destinations prior to departure with our online assistant always at hand and to provide you with applicable charging stations and opening hours to ensure a worry-free journey.

Don’t stop there, keep informed on the latest CUPRA Born updates with us.

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